Elohor Thomas



What is CodeLn?
CodeLn is an automated tech recruitment platform that helps companies looking to hire people in the software engineering field. It is also an accessible learning tool, allowing novices and professional programmers alike to improve their coding skills, with special functions for those with additional needs, such as visually impaired and neurodiverse coders.

How does it work?
The web-based platform streamlines the recruitment process from three months to two weeks, allowing companies to source, screen, and interview potential candidates. A recruiter can post a job specification, immediately get matched with suitable candidates via CodeLn’s recommendation system, test the coding skills of the candidate and present them with an offer letter – all through one platform.

The artificial intelligence system can be integrated into existing apps and systems. Users can grow their skills through the platform’s Learning Assistant feature built on Google Assistant. Coders can expand their portfolios using CodeLn’s project-based skills assessments and qualify for their dream jobs. Job applicants will take a workplace sample test similar to what they will be employed to build. The test is monitored for cheating, and the product is graded according to programming and language framework best practices.

What is the challenge? What is the solution?
Systems engineer Elohor Thomas and her cofounders met during training at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, where they shared their frustrations on the time-consuming recruitment process for software engineers. CodeLn is their solution.

Looking for:

$600,000 for:

  • Sales and marketing (clients and programmers) - 40%
  • Company expansion - 30%
  • Staff (Sales, operations and product) - 30%

“CodeLn is connecting African programmers to local and global job opportunities and providing them with the resources to grow in their careers. With over 100 million new tech jobs projected globally by 2025, we are preparing African youths and software engineers for new and exciting opportunities.”

Elohor Thomas, CodeLn