Tailored to feel fully yours!

Quick and flexible UX design using our templated platform options, fully customisable to look and feel like your brand and hosted on a white label event  URL.

Completely customisable with unlimited conditional logic, so you can get the data you need and your attendees can have the experience they want.

The platform also offers unlimited integrations, allowing you to collect payment for your event or individual sessions through integrated payment gateways, or even your own CRM tools.

Your digital platform is your online event venue and we believe the user experience should be every bit as flexible online, as it would be in person.

Our delegate centric approach gives the user maximum accessibility to customise and explore the digital event as they would in-person, by building their own agenda, navigating in and out of different areas, as well as 1-2-1 and group networking options.

A carefully balanced mix of pre-recorded, live and on-demand content creates a dynamic feel for the event ensuring your audience’s attention is kept throughout for an engaging, seamless delegate experience.

The platform is completely video agnostic and can embed direct live stream viewers as well as most public and social media tools streams.

Dedicated, individual sponsor pages allowing you to highlight important contributors to your event, complete with video, images, downloadable content and networking features.