Meet our sponsors

We’d like to thank the following sponsors and supporters whose support has helped cover the costs of organising and hosting Par-Con. 

You can find out more about our sponsors and their work below. 

A note on our sponsors

Sponsors have no influence on the conference programme for Par-Con. 

Parkinson’s UK does not endorse or recommend the products or services provided by sponsors.
We encourage people living with Parkinson’s to explore all the options available to help them manage the condition and make informed personal choices.

Headline Sponsor


Strolll was founded in 2018 by Tom Finn after taking time out to help his father Nigel, who suffers severe impairment in his walking ability because of Vascular Dementia. After attending a physiotherapy appointment with his Dad, Tom had the lightbulb moment for strolll and after initially seeing the marked difference coloured lines had in helping his dad to walk, Tom had all the inspiration he needed to set out on a mission to redefine the everyday reality of neurological disorders for millions of others around the world through cue’d movement.

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Gold Sponsor

Charco Neurotech

The Charco Neurotech team combines the skills of neuroscientists, design engineers, and medical professionals. Together they are developing the CUE1 device, with and for people with Parkinson’s, to improve their quality of life. They believe in simple, non-invasive technologies like CUE1 that can help improve quality of life for people with long term conditions, and to this end, they are continuously researching new treatment methods based in science.

Read more on the Charco Neurotech website >

Supported By

The National Garden Scheme

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors unique access to over 3,600 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales, and raises impressive amounts of money for nursing and health charities through admissions, teas and cake.

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J Macdonald Menzies Charitable Trust

The J Macdonald Menzies Charitable Trust funds activities that focus on the preservation and protection of health or the relief of sickness and disease. They have a special focus on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.