MTC Transforming Lives Annual Awards 2021

Recognising the outstanding achievements of individuals and teams, our annual awards celebrate those who have directly or indirectly helped to transform the lives of our service users and children.

After a challenging year, this is a chance for us to come together and celebrate the extraordinary work done by practitioners and employees across MTC, London and Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Companies and Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre.

Compelling and powerful nominations from all areas of the organisation have been shortlisted to the nominees you can read about below, and the winners that will be announced today have been selected by the Executive Team after a great deal of discussion and debate.

Take a moment to read about our worthy shortlisted nominees below as we celebrate each and every one of their achievements.

Countdown to the event

Award shortlistees

Continuous Improvement

An individual or team who has developed or embedded an exceptional new process or initiative that has improved outcomes for service users, young people or employees.

Gary Hull, Head of IT, MTC

In over two years, Gary has used service knowledge, delivery management and an array of skill sets such as team building, integrity, fairness and perseverance to build a first class, customer focused IT service in a demanding working environment. Gary’s work through the challenges presented by COVID-19 highlight his excellent stewardship of the IT function. In only a few weeks, Gary was able to move the entire service function to home working facing numerous and varied challenges with
determination. Gary and the MTC AskIT IT Service Desk seamlessly migrated to home working, with a rigorous approach to remote fixing so employees did not need to travel in to offices for remedial IT work. Gary designed and drove a new initiative with the MTC Field Support Team remotely guiding employees through configuring new IT equipment. Gary also led the team to improve electronic communication with Skype connectivity quadrupled, hundreds of additional phones and laptops deployed to front line employees and additional conference bridges established. As a result of Gary’s leadership, in December 2020, the team recorded a perfect 5 out of 5 scoring and 80 satisfaction survey results.


Astrick Andrias, Programme Facilitator, London CRC

Astrick is an experienced facilitator who always focuses on service users, ensuring they are supported and engage well. While delivering to her full capacity of sessions, she was approached regarding the roll out of the BASE and Change Plus programmes. Astrick volunteered to support the implementation of these programmes and has since become a trainer. She now delivers training to her colleagues and peers, helping them to support their own service users. The training Astrick has absorbed and now delivers helps her peers in understanding these new programmes. She has also been able to help solve any queries. Her work in rolling out these new programmes has enabled service users to have some form of intervention in a challenging, unprecedented era.


Felicity Dunne, Community Payback Manager, Thames Valley CRC

After becoming the sole CP manager in 2019, Felicity has worked hard to unite the North and South teams while efficiently managing the new working arrangements made necessary by COVID-19. While under lockdown, she set up new processes to keep service users informed and updated, as well as coordinating communication with the beneficiaries and project leads. Felicity helped redeploy supervisors to support other areas of the organisation and also worked to motivate her
colleagues, including sending out sunflower seeds with a supportive note encouraging them to stay in touch. Felicity recently qualified with distinction in Health and Safety risk assessments and used this to risk assess how delivery could safely resume, and once projects could resume, she and her team achieved some of the highest levels of engagement in the country – with 79% of pre-COVID hours delivered by the end of 2020. Felicity also worked with the ETE manager to offer additional ETE hours where possible, has supported the new Project in a Box CP initiative and has engaged with the NHS trusts and authorities to provide supervisors and service user placements at vaccination testing centres.


The Nursery Nurse team, Rainsbrook STC

The Nursery Nurse team in Rainsbrook STC have created and developed a new sensory exploration intervention in the centre, introducing the children and young people in our care to sensory experiences that teach how to self-sooth using particular materials that trigger comfort feelings. Through a developing intervention, the Nursery Nurse team meet children with sensory needs one-to-one, carrying out sensory exploration sessions and innovating by using different stimuli such as weighted blankets. The results of these sensory sessions are already positive, helping to allay some of the children’s exaggerated dislikes which are a direct result of previous trauma. Consistent and punctual, the team quickly gain the children’s trust and there are specific young people with previous high levels of violence and disengagement who now fully engage with the sensory interventions.

Collaborative Working

An individual or team who consistently demonstrate exceptional collaborative working to achieve MTC’s aims.

Operational Learning and Development Team, London CRC

Over the past year, the London CRC Learning and Development team have worked and delivered training from home, with 119 training events held live over Skype and a further 31 e-learning modules delivered to both London and Thames Valley CRCs. The team has worked responsively, creating smaller, cumulative learning plans to make remote delivery more engaging for employees and ensuring training design, content and delivery is inclusive and accessible. Working with practitioners and experts, they have ensured training content is relevant and effective. They met the challenges of the pandemic head on, designing a series of e learning modules on delivering telephone supervision as well as an Effective Practice during Covid-19 guide and useful case studies. They have embraced new channels including pre-recorded webinars, seminars and FUSE learning plans. The team have also worked with new frontline practitioners, supporting them remotely as they join the organisation in a highly unusual time.


West Berkshire RO Team, Thames Valley CRC

The West Berkshire (male and female cohorts) team has consistently delivered face to face services across the past year while offering support to each other including the 10 new starters who comprise a third of the team. Experienced team members have stepped forward to involve new employees with webinars, training, mentorship and active encouragement to take part in debrief sessions and group activities. The team has supported with reception duties, worked with NPS service users when there were no NPS employees on site and supported other teams with caseload validation in April and May 2020. The West Berks team also supported the Community Payback team with planned telephone contacts where helpful. Approximately one third of the team shielded from home, and they sought ways to help those colleagues going into the office by supporting on alternative tasks to ‘do their bit’.


Community Payback Logistics Team, MTC

Understanding the importance of delivering a quality service, the CP Logistics team work collaboratively to fulfil requests from their colleagues in London CRC. They worked quickly to develop strong working relationships with new employees post-restructure in February 2020, and ensure that they are represented in SMT calls. The team scrutinise information to ensure accurate data is being reflected and recorded, while communicating with London based colleagues to ensure they have all the information needed to fulfil requests. During COVID-19, the team extended further support to London CP colleagues through introducing a variety of Covid-specific processes that ensure service users and practitioners were aware of recorded hours, availability and requirements. They have also carried out several one-off projects including a project matching and cleansing exercise that saw around 3,000 projects in OMNIA terminated and archived and retrospectively logging service user travel time within six working days.


Jazz Rai, Facilities Manager, Rainsbrook STC

Working closely on a number of reform projects, Jazz has supported the building of a dedicated sensory therapy suite in Rainsbrook STC. Using expert knowledge he advised on the layout, proposed design improvements and proactively engaged with suppliers, coordinating them to ensure work was completed on time, feeding back on materials and equipment and working with the project lead too to provide updates and help problem solve. With Jazz’s dedication, the building work was completed within the timescale despite the challenges posed by both a pandemic and Brexit. Jazz is now supporting on a number of other projects across the centre, engaging with suppliers and parties in the centre to ensure key areas are addressed and the projects move forward.

Customer Service

An individual or team who consistently provides an exceptional level of customer service and achieves a high level of customer satisfaction.

Gary Grimes, Office Manager, London CRC

Gary joined London CRC stating that he wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives. He has since gone on to provide an outstanding level of support to his customer service team and his colleagues in the management team. Taking on a major project management role in the move of Barking, Dagenham and Havering teams’ offices, he worked out the logistics of the move, organised where spare furniture could be donated to, attended site visits with the Ministry of Justice estates and liaised with all stakeholders. He also dealt authoritatively with any partners and organisations we work with that were impacting negatively on the working environment of our employees and has received praise from the MoJ for his efficiency and reliability. Gary also supported his team during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring Customer Service Officers’ concerns were heard, to the extent he would cover reception himself to allow them to have needed breaks. He has gone above and beyond, delivering equipment to employees’ homes, attending offices to support his team, pushing for revised processes that increase safety and confidently ensuring that those around him have everything they need to support service users.


Women’s Cohort, Thames Valley CRC

Over five years, the women’s cohort has found new ways of working with women service users, using different approaches to achieve positive outcomes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team has been tested, as women with multiple complex needs were not needed to report face to face, so telephone supervision became vitally important. Practitioners worked hard to gain women service users’ trust without the familiarity of face to face contact. As a result, enforcement levels dropped over the pandemic and where allowed, officers have completed door stop visits or video calls simply to initiate some face to face contact. Where restrictions have allowed, the women’s workshop has recommenced to reach vulnerable and isolated women, and the team have worked hard to ensure women have access to key services like food banks and community support in whatever format possible. The team have adapted, with long phone calls, and crisis support to deal with women who have dealt with and are often dealing with particular challenges.


Lisa Morgan, Communications Manager, MTC

Providing invaluable support on the upcoming transition with the reunification of probation services, Lisa has worked long hours to ensure that clear and relatable information reaches all roles in our organisation. She has coordinated with colleagues in the NPS and MTC to produce monthly London and South Central newsletters alongside joint engagement events. Lisa has navigated numerous barriers, influencing and shaping decision making across the different organisations. Through diligent work she has developed a committed intranet site, compiles weekly communications packs, facilitated 16 consultation meetings, initiated an FAQ process and set up fortnightly sessions for employees to ask questions. With thorough work and attention to detail, she is ensuring that employees across MTC are informed, smoothly moving forwards towards the reunification.


Irfaan Alli, Business Performance and Improvement Analyst, Rainsbrook STC

Since joining Rainsbrook STC in February 2020, Irfaan has shown himself to take the company values seriously, and taking pride in his work. He always looks at ways to improve and enhance current systems, liaising daily with external agencies including the Youth Custody Service, MoJ and HMPPS, and has received positive feedback on his handling of challenging circumstances. This includes his efforts to support Court hearings being handled via video link as a result of the pandemic. He has also recently supported on the IT migration, coming in over weekends to ensure it ran smoothly, and escorting engineers and commercial employees. He has managed all this while being new to the role, swiftly picking up key policies and procedures and meeting all deadlines. Irfaan has since been given additional projects including Covid reporting, which he has similarly picked up quickly. The work he carries out is vital for the centre, helping pinpoint areas that require attention through important analysis and reports.


An individual who consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership skills in leading and developing a team or project, with a focus on reducing reoffending and improving lives.

Esther Swirles, Senior Probation Officer, London CRC

Starting as Senior Probation Officer in Hillingdon in July 2020, Esther demonstrates exemplary leadership skills, wanting the best possible outcomes for her team and the service users she works with. This is evidenced by her ‘can do’ attitude, her effective communication skills and her ability to find the fun in a challenging role. Starting with her new team during a global pandemic, Esther tackled the challenges of an isolated and burnt-out team head on, by giving her team a sense of focus and determination, embedding CPD days, re-establishing SME roles and hosting practitioner briefings. Since she began, the HIL1 team have produced 100% ‘sufficient’ case audit outcomes every month and have had a ‘best practice example’ case highlighted. Esther has also completed the highest volume of SPO quality audits. Even while struggling with COVID-19 herself, she kept an unwavering focus on supporting her team, and is now prioritising her own self-development with the Senior Leaders Master’s Degree Apprenticeship to further her skills and improve the overall outcomes of the probation service.


Luke Jenkinson, Head of Operations, MTC

Heading up both Norwich and Bromley Service Centres, Luke has been a driving force in the successful transition to homeworking, with many service centre employees continuing to work from home. Giving clear instructions and communicating the organisation’s needs, Luke has ensured employees are able to work in individual styles that suit them, but achieves an overall collaborative role. Using surveys to assess how employees are feeling, Luke has supported incentives that keep spirits high and employees feeling connected. He has also embedded an additional line of quality checks ensuring the administration team are able to completely support quality improvements introduced to support MTC’s overall goals. After the tragic death of a service centre colleague, Luke was careful to ensure team leaders and employees were supported, and personally took care of communications with the employee’s family after seeing the strain it was putting on the team leader, acting with compassion and practicality.


Sarah Mayson, ETE Manager, Thames Valley CRC

Demonstrating leadership through times of change and transition, Sarah has led the Education, Training and Employment team in Thames Valley CRC through a challenging year. The team maintained a service in the first lockdown, offering support remotely and Sarah linked in with charitable funds to ensure service users had smart phones and tablets where possible, even delivering them as needed. Sarah also offered the ETE workshop laptops to the programmes team to support their interventions and worked with the Health and Safety team to develop safe ways of running small group work delivery as lockdown lifted. Managing over 1,200 new referrals, the team worked with more NPS rate card referrals than in previous years. Sarah stayed positive and focused in a challenging time, and has been instrumental in offering service users a full online ETE provision and without full group delivery resuming, the team has managed to still deliver 38.2% of pre-covid hours. While in scope to travel to the new Commissioned Rehabilitative Service, Sarah has shown strength and resilience in supporting her team, remaining positive about the work and opportunities ahead, leading her team through the transition skillfully and with motivation.

Protecting Employees (COVID-19)

An individual or team that has demonstrated exceptional innovative ways of working to ensure the safety of employees and service users during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Flavia Cibotariu, Community Payback Delivery Manager, London CRC

Integral to the trial of Project in a Box, Flavia engaged her supervisors to work in a brand new way with this remote engagement model of community payback. Initially responsible for the delivery across all London, Flavia proved herself great in problem solving, ensuring the projects were dispatched on time and in budget. Delivering the project remotely, she coordinated the management with her supervisors without being physically present, and alongside Education, Training and Employment it was the only service delivery operating in early 2021. Project in a Box delivered 9% of pre COVID delivery alone, exceeding expectations. Working flexibly and creatively, Flavia tracked data and has created an all hands on deck approach with her supervisors, embracing the challenges and operational need presented by the project.


Middle Managers Group, Thames Valley CRC

Providing exceptional care and attention for employees, the Thames Valley middle managers have worked hard over the past year in multiple different ways. Whether in direct contact with employees or rearranging offices, the managers were required to work intensively and at pace to ensure employee safety at all points. The managers have worked collaboratively to ensure practical guidance and arrangements were clearly made to protect employees, visitors and partners. Employees spoke of how managers supported them with staying resilient, juggling home and work life commitments, completing qualifications and staying visible and connected. Ensuring the offices have remained open where possible, the managers have ensured service users can report and face to face intervention can continue where allowable. They have also ensured the Exceptional Delivery Model was delivered correctly at every stage, alongside clear and accurate data recording. The managers have also ensured employees feel safe, connected and that there is good morale, alongside ensuring new starters have a full on boarding experience and have made gains in practice quality despite the pandemic.


Together Programme, MTC

Launched in April 2020, the Together Programme has supported employees through the pandemic as a colleague support scheme. Volunteers from across the organisation signed up to call employees who flagged that they were feeling isolated or wanted communication. Providing a friendly chat from a colleague who is not in an employee’s team allows for honesty about current concerns, and employees have valued the calls whether they are simply a chance to vent about personal issues or discuss concerns and worries. Giving up their time in a challenging time, the Together Programme callers have contacted 933 employees since it was founded and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with employees saying they felt understood, and that their days have been brightened in what has been for many a lonely and difficult time.

Service User Engagement

An individual whose tailored approaches to supporting service users to turn their lives around has consistently resulted in exceptional levels of engagement.

Angela Coyne, Assistant Psychologist, Rainsbrook STC

Building a strong professional rapport with the children at Rainsbrook STC, Angela has completed training in dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) which she is now using in her work with the young people to a great overall effect. With one particular young person, Angela helped them combat anxiety which had been having a debilitating effect on their day to day activity. Once this barrier had been overcome, Angela was able to complete offence-specific work resulting in the young person engaging better overall, now equipped with skills to spot warning signs and avoid reoffending in future. Angela’s communication with the children is excellent and she constantly finds innovative and engaging ways to help them access support and interventions. She treats the children with respect, being consistent in her actions, and she also uses mindfulness to help the young people relax in stressful situations and take useful skills forward into a pro-social hopeful future.


Darren Fraser, Community Payback Supervisor, London CRC

Consistently focusing on identity shift when working with service users, Darren uses every opportunity to help service users examine their lives in positive ways that help them grow and respond positively. An ambassador for desistence work, he often provides fellow supervisors with examples on conference calls to explore where situations can be used to show how identity shift has a positive effect. One of two supervisors to provide case studies that were converted into practice factsheets, Darren’s work helps all employees learn across MTC, and he is known for his sunny enthusiasm and passion for his work. In his case study, Darren’s work involved slowly engaging with a withdrawn and stressed service user. By recognising the service user’s hard work on the project, Darren built trust and began to have serious conversations about the importance of leaving a life of crime behind. The service user has since gone on to more into a positive lifestyle with a new job and actively leaving crime behind, looking to the future and opportunities ahead.


Jen Jenner, Community Payback Supervisor, Thames Valley CRC

Going the extra mile for her service users, Jen works hard to help her service users engage well with the community payback projects she works on. In one instance, Jen supported a female service user who had been a victim of domestic abuse. Controlled and isolated by her husband, the service user did not have a phone and was delivered to the site by her husband. Jen worked with the service user to build trust and ensured there was a referral to support services made, and that she could access these services while on the unpaid work site using Jen’s phone – ensuring her husband would be unaware. Another service user wrote in to praise Jen’s supervision of the project he had worked on, saying how Jen had gained the trust and goodwill of the group of service users, and had ensured any incidents of teasing did not escalate to unpleasant behaviour.

Working in Partnership

An individual or team who has demonstrated an exceptional approach to developing partnerships with external agencies to achieve joint objectives.

Hannah Powell, Senior Probation Officer, Thames Valley CRC

A leader within the SPO team, Hannah has worked hard to establish relationships with partners, including attending MARAC across West Berkshire and jointly chairing IOM. She then supports responsible officers involved with these cases to ensure the service users are managed appropriately. Hannah also leads an SPO weekly meeting ensuring the team coordinate effectively and support each other, and she now works with transition work groups to discuss potential pathways and practices. She ensures contact is kept across the organisation, going above and beyond to ensure any employees seconded to other locations were kept up to date with changes to probation working arrangements and ensures that her colleagues and team mates felt much supported in an unusual and challenging time.


Community Payback Action Team, London CRC

The CP action team continuously delivered several action days across North East London throughout 2020, with more proposed and scheduled for 2021. Enabling service users to collectively complete unpaid work hours, the days reclaimed areas that had become unsafe and anti-social. Supervisors and managers collaborated with partners including the police, Guildford Community Centre, Local Authority Councillors, volunteers from the public and local Councils. Across seven (and increasing) projects, service users alongside volunteers and supervisors cut back foliage, cleared alleyways, repainted handrails and opened up playing fields. As a result of the work achieved, spaces that were used for illegal and anti-social activities are now cleaner, more visible and have returned to serving the public in effective, positive ways. Individuals from partner organisations including the police also volunteered their time and worked alongside service users to make these spaces an asset to their communities again.

An individual or team that has done exceptional work in the past year to meet one or more of MTC’s organisation-wide quality objectives.

'Senior Attendance Centres' Officers in Charge and Manager, London CRC

Full of life and enthusiasm, the Senior Attendance Centre Officers in Charge and Manager have remained dedicated in delivering a superb service younger service users across London CRC. The constant high levels of performance indicate that they continue to effectively engage with service users, despite the challenges of the pandemic. As a direct result of COVID-19, the Officers in Charge and teams of sessional workers have had to adapt to working remotely, writing bite-size sessions covering a whole range of topics from discrimination and stereotyping, to men’s sexual health and emerging from Covid-restrictions. The Officers in Charge have championed the SAC, attending team meetings in the community which has led to increased referrals. They have also attended magistrates’ briefings to promote greater use of the SAC moving forwards. The excellent working relationships they have with partners and the venues used ensure their work remains of the highest quality, helping service users to transform their lives.


Programmes & Interventions Team, Thames Valley CRC

Facing the challenge of significant limitations on group activity and face to face contact with service users, the programmes and interventions team in Thames Valley embraced flexible working to ensure a strong level of service and intervention was able to continue. After all group interventions were paused, facilitators made over 1,300 calls between March and July to ensure service users remained engaged and motivated. Safety Link Workers ensured the increased risk of domestic abuse was addressed by increased contact, while Treatment Managers held workshops and events over Skype. After returning to face to face group delivery, the team rose to the new challenges, supporting and guiding each other. Despite significant limitations, over 120 service users completed Approved Programmes requirements and a further 69 completed RAR interventions. Responding quickly with clear assessments and innovative new ways of working ensured that service users did not fall behind or lose motivation.


Nicole O’Connell, Talent Acquisition Advisor, MTC

Going above and beyond to support Rainsbrook STC, Nicole works continually to meet resourcing needs, collaborating with stakeholders, working unsociable hours to be contactable to candidates and taking pride in achieving the high expectations of both the organisation and herself. Over the past 12 months, Nicole has recruited 97 individuals across one of the most challenging years the centre has faced. 82 of these have been Custody Care Officers, who sit a vigorous assessment process which Nicole organises, coordinates and attends. Through the lockdowns, Nicole successfully adapted the assessment process to ensure it is Covid-compliant including arranging risk assessments, liaising with the hotel and reassuring candidates individually of the measures to ensure they are confident to attend. Nicole also spends time headhunting and directly sourcing candidates from various platforms. Nicole has also led on a number of aspects of the Employee Experience project, helping to ensure a quality and transparent hiring process and moving forwards will be helping to redesign the CCO assessment centre process in 2021.


Support Team for MB, Rainsbrook STC

Working with MB, a young female in Rainsbrook STC, a team of employees from across different areas of the centre worked exceptionally hard to deal with her very high risk and complex behaviours and needs, which included significant self-harm and violence towards CCOs and other employees. The team made challenging decisions including safeguarding her on her own, and using innovative positive activities that used MB’s skills to manage her behaviour. After an assessment was made to transfer her to a medium secure hospital placement, the team worked around the clock to ensure MB was supported to one of the first positive goodbyes she has ever experienced. A dedicated support team managed communication around her needs and assessments, as well as reinforcing that she had people who cared about her. Employees managed to create positive, consistent relationships despite her testing these frequently, and messaging was kept clear and unmixed to her. She was given activities and key support items for her journey to the hospital and two employees went with her into the hospital to help settle her in. She left without harm to herself or others, as a direct result of the focused and clear work done by a team pulled together from various departments.

Service users who have made significant progress of achievements that they have demonstrated during their period of supervision. ​​​​​​

Aidan S, Thames Valley CRC (PO: Julie Yau-Mauer)

Completing an 18 month community order with Building Better Relationships, Aidan showed commitment and motivation to address his actions despite dealing with anxiety and depression. He attended all his BBR appointments and positively engaged to the extent that he was given increased contact with his child. He reflected well on his learning history and showed that he is able to challenge his own beliefs. Recognising that self-talk can help him challenge negative thoughts, he is setting out with the knowledge and tools to avoid violent behaviours and have positive relationships in future. He continues to work on his mental health with support, engaging well throughout lockdowns and has now gained full time employment in landscaping and grounds maintenance work, and enjoys the regular work and spending time at weekends with his child.


Cherish C, Thames Valley CRC (PO: Rachel Bryan)

Despite chaotic behaviour at the beginning of her order, Cherish began to engage well with probation services and Turning Point in 2019. Attending the women’s workshop on a regular basis, Cherish made friendships with other women and she noticeably improved further. Despite the issues of lockdown, Cherish engaged fully via remote supervision, working with supervision, Turning Point key work sessions and Education, Training and Employment (ETE). By mid 2020, Cherish reduced her methadone prescription, had addressed her debts and was providing negative drug test results. By September, she had completed three units in customer care, enrolled on a hairdressing course and reduced her prescription even further. By the end of the year, Cherish reduced down on Espranor prescription, was attending college and had completed her first haircut in the salon. She has since stopped all prescription medication, continues to engage with Turning Point, has cleared her debts and ensured her tenancy is safe. Cherish is thriving in college, has made friends and has stable mental health which she continues to focus on. She and her partner have both achieved recovery, are engaged and expecting their first child, and are welcoming support from all agencies.


Leon D, Thames Valley CRC (PO: Evie Church, Jan Savage)

Completing the Exploring Relationships Programme, Leon gained an in depth understanding of his issues and triggers, and showed a willingness to apply the material to his personal situations, recognising the consequences of potential actions. He has since shown how he now de-escalates situations using clear communication and agreeing on ‘time outs’ where needed. He has since worked openly with Turning Point, using support to begin to speak openly about his life and hopes. He has since reduced his prescription medication and has changed his mindset towards probation and structured work, writing a letter to the District Judge to thank her for the opportunity to work with probation services and let her know of the progress he has made.


Rebecca S, Thames Valley CRC (PSO: Sara Mason)

Showing determination to find new pathways, Rebecca displayed a new commitment to complete her DRR, attending her group work sessions and being an active participant as well as sticking to her prescription medication only. After some difficulties, she continued engaging again after taking a new job. She has shown a dedication to working hard in her job and getting a flat of her own. She has slowly furnished this through her own efforts and has stepped away from an offending lifestyle and repaired relationships in the process. As her order closed, she has freed herself from a vicious cycle of drug use, with a job and a secure tenancy with a lifestyle that is happier and has room for her to develop healthy relationships with her daughters.

An individual who has demonstrated exceptional work under the EDM.

Chavdar Todorov, Office Manager, MTC

Office Manager at Capital Tower, Chavdar agreed to help with a new mobile phone scheme at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020. As the Authority made funding available to issue mobile phones to service users who needed them, there was no central point to manage this from as offices were closed. Chavdar took delivery of over 200 mobile phones, helping to assemble and distribute the phones, with a professional and friendly approach. Setting up more traditional style phones, he also kept recording templates up to date and kept the rest of the team informed. As a result of his actions, London CRC was able to distribute phones through prisons to ensure all service users on release were equipped to start their probation journey.


Toni Mulholland, Case Manager, Rainsbrook STC

Working hard with a complex case, Toni faced significant protective walls put up by the young person. Despite this challenge, Toni worked hard to engage them, going above and beyond to meet the additional needs that the young person had. To encourage trust and positive progress, Toni went above and beyond, including designing a bespoke timetable of activities to do with the young person, even including a work out session together. By working with the young person and including activities they like, Toni ensured they remained engaged and working towards a positive future. She has also worked collaboratively with the wider team at Rainsbrook to ensure the young person got the support they need to stay safe, engage and progress.


Mathieu Bergeal, Area Manager, London CRC

A great role model throughout the Exceptional Delivery Model, Mathieu ensured he remained ever present with regular office visits throughout the lockdown period, putting health and safety at the heart of the team’s actions. Despite ongoing demands and pressures, Mathieu always had time to focus on office issues including staffing and performance related concerns. Consistent with SPO briefings, he provided support and resource to maintain performance without compromising on quality. All areas of the quality indicators have seen uplift over the past year, particularly in Camden and Islington, and when an employee sadly died in 2020, Mathieu was strong, professional and composed, providing key support to the team during this difficult time.


Craig Giles, IT Support Officer, Thames Valley CRC

A key part of the IT team, Craig has done exceptionally well in adapting to change and the evolving demands of the organisation during the pandemic. He has continued to work daily from the Thames Valley CRC office in Bicester, single-handedly building, profiling and shipping over 190 laptops for new starters as well as desktop users who were now moved to working from home. In addition to this Craig provided swift support for those whose technology had issues, sending out replacements where necessary. This hard work demonstrated exceptional commitment, and was key to the smooth running of MTC’s work as we transitioned to working from home.

Nominated by the CRCs’ service users, this award recognises employees who have helped these individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

Melinda Thompson, Probation Service Officer, London CRC

Melinda was nominated by a service user for her support and guidance over the past year. Communicating remotely via telephone, Melinda encouraged him to stay focused, reducing his community payback hours via Open University courses, alongside checking in on his mental health. She also encouraged him to continue attending Alcoholics Anonymous as part of his RAR. He now has nearly a year’s sobriety which he credits in large part to Melinda’s support.


Trish Noonan, Community Payback Project Supervisor, London CRC

Trish was nominated by a service user for her support with his community payback order. Praised for her positive attitude during the stressful Covid-19, she broke down barriers with her nominator with positivity and excellent group communication. Her nominator said her work helped him gain back self esteem, accepting his past actions and looking to move forward to a better future.