The world's first pair of augmented reality glasses to treat and alleviate motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease, anywhere, anytime

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Strolll was founded in 2018 by Tom Finn after taking time out to help care for his Dad. Nigel, (Tom's Dad) was experiencing increased mobility impairment with Parkinson’s like symptoms as a result of Vascular Dementia.

After attending a physio appointment with his dad and seeing the difference that coloured lines had in helping him to walk, Tom had all the inspiration he needed. In November 2018, along with co-founder Rupert, Tom set out on a mission to redefine the reality of Parkinson's for millions of others around the world. Fast forward 3 years and strolll has become a pioneer in neurotechnology with an incredible team of people dedicated to improving lives for those with Parkinson’s


Cue X Glasses

Cue X provides access to multi-sensory cues (visual, audio and haptic) in a single device, where in for each modality there is a broad library of cue variations which can be personalised to the individual. Cue X a breakthrough device built on adaptability. It can accommodate a near unlimited library of options to support new cueing strategies as we learn more about Parkinson’s.

Cue X also supports neuro-rehabilitation and physical therapy with its cue-assisted gait and balance training programs that enable people to participate in exercise where without cueing, functional training would otherwise not be possible.

Cue X has extensive measurement capability. We can monitor change or decline in motor states, and provide accurate measurement of gait data

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Cue Markers

The world’s first adhesive floor tape for visual cueing in Parkinson’s.
For people with Parkinson’s, Cue Markers are an effective, low-cost, visual cue that can easily be installed in the home or other free-living environments to improve safety and reduce fall risk, helping you or a loved one to retain mobility and independence for longer. 

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Please visit the Strolll Sponsor Symposium at 12.35 to hear more about our work and products. If you missed it, the talk can be accessed in the video below.

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Jorgen Ellis - CEO & Co-founder

Michelle Elliott - Head of Business Development