The Alliance of Scottish Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialists (ASPNS) exists to:

• Promote the essential role of Scottish Parkinson’s  Specialists at both local and national levels

• Provide peer support and facilitate the sharing  and development of knowledge, expertise, and  best practice in the field of Parkinson’s care

• Advise and influence policy making with regards to Parkinson’s.

• Promote and participate in research aimed at  improving services and care for people with  Parkinson’s and their carers

• Encourage and facilitate education on  Parkinson’s management across disciplines

• Work in partnership with charitable and non charitable organisations to improve the  management and service provision of people with  Parkinson’s.

Unfortunately we are unable to join the booth today, but we’re happy to help or direct queries to other Scottish nurses . Please contact Linda Patterson, Chair for Alliance of Scottish Parkinsons Nurse Specialists at