A non-invasive, wearable device for people with Parkinson's, to improve movement and quality of life.







Charco has developed the CUE1 for Parkinson’s: a non-invasive, wearable device which alleviates Parkinson’s symptoms. The CUE1 achieves this through two therapies: focused stimulation and cueing. Both focused stimulation and cueing, delivered here in vibrotactile form via peripheral means (i.e. attachment to the skin), meaning repetitive external stimuli, have been clinically validated through numerous studies and research.
Charco has also developed a CUE APP to be used in tandem with the CUE1 device to maximise
patient-centred control during treatment. Among other features, users can control the settings of their device through the app (connected by way of Bluetooth), play games through which the user’s symptoms may be tracked, and complete a quality-of-life questionnaire (encompassing manifold symptoms related to both physical and mental wellbeing). The ultimate intention is for this app to be of equal use to both clinicians and people with Parkinson’s.

The CUE1 has been developed and validated through extensive user testing with people with Parkinson’s for over 2 years. Full-scale randomised control clinical trials, to further investigate and validate the CUE1's efficacy are planned for the near future. The CUE1 is expected to become available from our website following from our initial, limited launch in late 2021.
As our launch approaches, we continue to seek constant feedback from you, the people for whom we innovate, on the device, app and everything we do! One of the key ways in which people with Parkinson’s can help us is by engaging with the lovely community that has formed around Charco. This could be through
joining our newsletter, following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), joining the waiting list or attending our events like the Charco open day we hold at the end of every month. This helps us know where you are, what you most want and how best to direct our efforts in order to help the Parkinson’s community.

Here’s a short animation introducing the CUE1, we hope you enjoy it :)

Get in touch with us at info@charconeurotech.com