Metal that can accumulate inside the fiber can create both a risk of breakage and can negatively impact colour results during colour, balayage and lightening services. This excess copper inside the hair fibre can interfere with the oxydant. This means the oxydant may not be able to do its job properly.​

Enriched with Glicoamine, this patented technology  helps to neutralize excess copper, meaning it won't interfere with your colour. Because the formula penetrates inside the fiber, the colour result is even, lasts longer and hair is intensely shiny.​

A 3-step professional in-salon service for every colour client, for up to 87% less breakage* and a reliable colour result on hair with excess copper. Enjoy a colour result that is more vibrant, longer lasting & has incredible shine.​

*Combing test. Metal Detox pre-treatment, bleaching procedure, shampoo, mask vs bleaching procedure, classic shampoo

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