Pazion Cherinet



What is Orbit Health?

Orbit Health is a digital health platform which manages and stores patient data, including appointments, diagnoses, tests, doctors’ notes and prescriptions.

What is the challenge? What is the solution?

By providing healthcare facilities with constantly updated, always available virtual copies of patient data, Orbit Health enhances the continuity of care provided to patients. Systems are customised to the needs of each healthcare provider, in contrast to generic systems that don’t cater for the nuances of different health services.

Systems engineer Pazion Cherinet recalls waiting for hours with a family member at a clinic in Ethiopia and noticing the lack of adequate healthcare documentation. Cherinet realised that others in his community could be spared this experience by simply developing a centralised database of all patient files.

How does it work?

The fully interoperable platform combines different workflows, including wards, operating rooms, laboratory and imaging tests, and dispensaries, into a single report. This means that the loss of patient records is completely avoided.

The patient’s digital record contains medical data collected during different visits and includes patient demographics, medical history, allergy information, vitals, medication, medical notes, treatment plans, and follow-ups. It also notifies healthcare facilities regarding medication stocks and expiry dates, limiting waste.

In the last four years, Orbit Health has managed more than 300,000 active patients, digitised 270,000 patients' data, scheduled 80,000 appointments, identified 70,000 diagnoses, recorded 130,000 digital notes, managed 40,000 lab and imaging orders, and dispensed more than three million units of medication through the digital health platform

Looking for:

  • $ 5,700,000 for 18 months.
  • Advisors, potential partners, and tech companies to support our expansion and growth strategy within the East African corridor. 

“We are currently consulting with the Ethiopian government on Covid-19 lab and non-lab data management, making more than 160,000 surveillance and 80,000 lab test data sets readily available. Our platform has been deployed in six healthcare facilities in Addis Ababa to date.”

Pazion Cherinet, Orbit Health