Indira Tsengiwe


  South Africa

What is BlueAvo?
BlueAvo is a digital platform which connects brands in the media industry with local content creators for their marketing needs, and functions as a digital workspace. BlueAvo creates open, unbiased opportunities for creatives, reducing inequality in the media industry.

How does it work?
The platform provides a web-based application that enables recruiters to upload open briefs, and content creators to respond to them. Upon appointment, the platform provides a workspace management solution allowing production teams to collaborate digitally across Africa. It also accounts for risk management, legal and intellectual property protection, and provides a payment gateway.

What is the challenge? What is the solution?
While freelance marketplaces exist in the global economy, none are tailormade for the African continent. BlueAvo’s production workspace, its vast creative network and payment gateway facilitate cross-border trade on the continent. These three elements empower brands, entrepreneurs and agencies to scale up across Africa through access to localised teams in markets large and small.

Entrepreneur Indira Tsengiwe and her cofounders built the solution in response to the need for innovation in the African media industry. The team identified that content development opportunities in the South African advertising and television industries were reserved for a select few, often because large agencies dominate the industry. This aggravates inequalities, preventing opportunities for youths, small businesses and emerging markets across the continent.

BlueAvo addresses the issues of free trade both nationally and across African borders, as well as access to information. The technology creates a democratised landscape for creative work, with financial integrations allowing money to move easily across borders. The company has signed up thousands of creatives in seven African countries. The team hopes to expand their network to 10,000 creatives in 2021.

Looking for:

  • Seed Fund Capital Raise: 300,000 GBP
  • Introduction to brands

“BlueAvo is an innovative solution aiming to revive the media industry in Africa, by creating open and unbiased opportunities for creatives, based on talent. Businesses can only benefit from access to a greater talent pool.”

Indira Tsengiwe, BlueAvo