Jumeni Field Service Software

  Eyram Amedzor



What is Jumeni Field Service Software?

Jumeni Field Service Software assists service-based businesses by providing a three-part cloud-based application to help increase the productivity of their field teams, engage customers and collect payments seamlessly.

How does it work?

The field service software is divided into three applications. The back office web app helps the Jumeni team assign job orders to field workers, track their progress and gain insights into general field performance. An agent app is used by the mobile workforce to update the team on assigned job orders, navigate between sites, and write reports. A customer app is used to help businesses engage their customers and collect payments efficiently. USSD-based versions of the agent and customer apps make it accessible for users without the internet or smartphones.

What is the challenge? What is the solution?

Computer scientist Eyram Amedzor and his team developed the Jumeni software in 2018 after their research revealed waste management companies in Ghana face serious service delivery challenges. This includes a loss of up to 40% of monthly revenue because of oversights and leakages in managing field-based operations. The loss was similar across other field service industries.

Future plans

Jumeni has successfully launched a product in the waste management industry and is launching a delivery platform in 2021. The delivery platform is designed to support growing businesses and e-commerce ventures, whose business growth is often negatively affected by the unavailability of courier services. Future product development includes developing an Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary allowing other applications to interface. This will allow e-commerce businesses, and other delivery-based businesses, to offer deliveries without having to contract external service providers.

Looking for:

  • $500,000 to help boost our fleet, improve our technology and cover marketing costs.

“Waste management is a field that requires end-to-end monitoring, and Jumeni brings more visibility into field operations, increases field workers’ efficiency, and improves customer services and productivity in companies.”

Eyram Amedzor, Jumeni Field Service Software